Tuesday, September 25, 2007

Mission Viejo High School, Winds of Change

Mission Viejo High School History
This is an informational website about the Mission Viejo High School's Mascot, "Pablo Diablo". The City of Mission Viejo, California is a beautiful Southern California town that is situated near the town of San Juan Capistrano (SJC). In SJC there is a mission that was founded by the Catholic Father Junipero Serra. Thus, the name for Mission Viejo from the the locale being close to the San Juan Capistrano Mission.  It translates as "Old Mission".
In 1966 the high school in Mission Viejo was opened and took on the mascot of Pablo Diablo (he was a little Devil characature). The mascot has remained and changed looks; although with controversy since. Approximately to 20 years ago, in 1986, the principal at the time helped to change the mascot to the "Bulldogs". The Bulldog wore a Conquistador costume. After this change, a student garnered support from other students to change the mascot back to Pablo Diablo, thus, having the students once again being called "The Diablos". He painted an old car's hood with a Devil face and excited the student body to join forces. The principal conceded to a majority 2/3 vote and the students voted to change the mascot back.

Over the years the school has tried to change the image of not using the Devil on uniforms. The Color Guard Uniform has changed the Devil face on their shirts by putting a Megaphone there instead. Lately, the Devil Car bumper stickers have lost the Devil face and now a prominent and stately "MV" in red and gold are on the car stickers. Parents of visiting young future cheerleaders have requested that T-shirts not have the Devil face on them for their camps and fundraisers. Now a "Mission Viejo Diablos" written logo appears in Red and White.

Don't get me wrong, Mission Viejo High School is an outstanding public High School in all areas; curriculum, programs, sports and activities. Many parents and citizens would agree that this is true. Some distinguishing positive characteristics of Mission Viejo High School:

* National Exemplary School 1989, National Blue Ribbon School 1996, 2002, * Top 42 in the national for Overall Excellence, 1992, * California Distinguished High School 1988, 1994, 2001, * California Digital High School, * Award winning visual and performing arts program, * International Baccalaureate Member School, * Nationally recognized/competitive Model United Nations Program

If you have positive experiences at Mission Viejo High School, please post them here! If you also agree that the mascot of MVHS should not be the Diablos, please let others know what you think. If you have ideas for a different more virtuous, uplifting and powerful mascot, give us your ideas! Many parents and students have voiced concern over the mascot as the Diablos; saying that it is the one thing that bothers them about this High School. Today's society is full of dark and evil messages that bring our children down. Let's build our kids up and empower them with a Unified Mascot Change.

Some Ideas for Mission Viejo High School Mascots:
Diamondbacks * Mountain Lions * Angels * Conquistadors * Saints
Do you have another idea?........